Creating Item / Image Records in Photography Batches

Within the Renaissance MIS, we track the Items (products) supplied to us for photography, separately from images.

Each item in the system can have multiple images associated with it and although you can add them manually, the system has the ability to import spreadsheets as well, which this article describes first.

Import from Spreadsheet:
The first step is to click the 'Import Spreadsheet' link, which is highlighted in red in the screen grab below.


The next step is to upload the spreadsheet into the system as shown below.

Once uploaded the spreadsheet import has two 'modes'.

Both modes allow the import of items and optionally the setting of a description and notes for each item, however the two modes allow you to either create a specified number of images based on the item name or to import the image names from columns in your spreadsheet.

In the screen grab below, 'Item name with prefixes and suffixes' option is selected in the 'Create image using' drop down list and we've chosen to create four images for each item we're importing. We then just have to enter the prefix or suffix we wish to use for each image, such as Front, Back or Detail and the system will create an item in the system for each row in the spreadsheet and create four images for each, named as the name of the item plus the prefix or suffix we've entered in the form. 


The second option in the 'Create image using' drop down list is 'image names from spreadsheet columns'. Unlike the other mode, this allows you to specify exactly what each image should be called and create the required amount of images per item. The screen grab below shows how we have five columns in our spreadsheet containing image names and that on three of the items we're only creating four images.


Add Item and Image Manually:
The first step is to click the 'Add' link next to 'Import Spreadsheet'.

The Item name, description and notes fields can be completed manually and you must chose either the 'Item name with prefixes and suffixes' or 'image named manually' option. The prefixes and suffixes option creates image records by adding prefixes or suffixes to the Item name, in the same way as the spreadsheet import described above, however the image name manually option allows you to manually enter the names of the images to add for the item.


Just Add Images to an Existing Item:
The two procedures described above are used to create both item and image records, but can't be used to add images to an existing Item.

To add images, you should select the item(s) on the item grid, as shown in the screen grab below and select the 'Add Images' option from the drop down list. You will then be presented with a form that's the same as the 'Item name with prefixes and suffixes' option described above.

Please note, it isn't possible to enter the image names manually unless you only have one item selected, because image names have to be unique within a job, so you can't attempt to add images with the same name to multiple items because it will just error.



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