What the border colours mean in Renaissance DAM?

The border colour of the files in Renaissance DAM indicate the status of the file in the production cycle.

  Colour Status Description
 yellow.gif Yellow New The default status for a new file
 green.gif Green Approved The file has been approved
 green.gif Green Photography OK Photography has been approved
 light_blue.gif Light Blue Buyer Approved The file has been approved by the Buyers
 light_blue.gif Light Blue Approved for Production The file is approved for production
 red.gif Red Rejected The file has been rejected
 red.gif  Red Retouching Required Retouching is required on the file
 orange.gif Orange Retouched The file has been retouched
 orange.gif Orange Proof Requested A proof has been requested
 mauve.gif Mauve Annotations Submitted The file has had it's annotations submitted
 mauve.gif Mauve Web Ready The file is ready for download by the web team
 blue.gif Blue Annotations Actioned The requested annotations have been actioned
 grey.png Grey In Retouching The file is being retouched
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