Renaissance REST API

Executive Summary

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
An API defines a set of functions and protocols that can be used by developers to programmatically allow one system to make use of data and functionality in another. To explain, a Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows humans to use functions within software, whereas an API allows other programs access to perform the same functions as if they were human.

What does the ec2i Renaissance API do?
The API was primarily designed to allow other systems to book new jobs into Renaissance and update existing ones. As well as the management of jobs the API allows external systems to create, update and delete versions, pages, images, change page statuses and much more.

Benefits of using an API
Facilitating interoperability between systems can reduce labour costs and increase accuracy and consistency of data. It allows our customers flexibility in how they choose to access and consume Renaissance resources and functionality.

What is a REST API?
A REST API uses the underlying protocol of the world wide web (HTTP) to allow access data and functionality, for example the details of a job (in this case our demo job 27319) can be accessed by making a GET request like this:

Please note, the API functionality requires a dedicated API user to be setup for your company in the system.

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