Renaissance Product Database - Design View

The Design View functionality in our Renaissance system will be released shortly.

This is a very exciting development which establishes the link between jobs/pages and the products/images that should appear on them.

The association can be made by simply importing a spreadsheet, which can allocate the products designated for sale to a particular catalogue and even associate the product with a page if that's been decided already.

However the system also allows the products and images to be placed on a virtual representation of the page, so product placement and design can be planned and experimented with, before the actual creation of artwork in Adobe InDesign.

Once finalised, the positioning of the product text and images will be replicated when the content is brought onto the InDesign document via the Renaissance plugin. Further to this, content that isn't an attribute of a product, such as the heading for a page or an introductory paragraph of text, can be defined and positioned as well.

Once the job is complete, the positioning and dimensions of the products as they are placed on the InDesign document can be sent back to the Product Database for use in sales analytics (percentage of page used by the product versus sales etc).

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