What is an FPO file?

FPO means 'For Placement Only" and is a low resolution file that is designed to be placed in Quark Xpress or Adobe Indesign documents.

An FPO file contains links to the high resolution version of the image in the system and should not be changed in programs like Photoshop in any way as that can destroy the link information.

FPOs can be downloaded from Renaissance DAM, but we encourage our clients to use our Reflection software, which negates the need for the FPOs to be manually downloaded because it syncs them to a server on your local network every night. This means that your artworkers are always working with the latest version of the image as it progresses through the production process.

Please note, that if you have placed FPOs in your documents, we do not need you to supply the FPOs to us with your documents. Our system can read the link information in your document when we open it and will link to the images on our server automatically.

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