How to download images in different formats

You may want to download your images in different formats.

You can download a single image or you can download a group of images at one time.

From browse and search results:


To download a single image you need to browse to the image and click the custom order button, which is the one highlighted in red in the middle.


Clicking the button will open a floating menu where you can select the details of the image.

Set the width that you want the image to be. This can be done in inches or centimetres. There are different formats to choose from including JPEG, TIFF, EPS and PNG etc. You can also choose whether you want the colour space to be Greyscale, CMYK or RGB. Choose what you would like to do with the clipping paths that are set on the image from the dropdown box.

The ICC Colour Correction functionality enables you to change the profile of the original input file and the output file, however it’s normal practice to leave the input file as it is and just change the output file profile. A typical example would be if you were downloading an RGB JPEG from a file that is CMYK on our system you would typically select the sRGB profile for the output file that you are going to download. Leaving the Rendering Intent at the default setting is fine for most downloads. If you would like to enable ICC colour correction you need to check the box and choose the input ICC profile and the output ICC profile. Checking the 'Enable BPC' option will apply Black Point Compensation to the output file. Please note, that the results from BPC can vary, so it's worth doing some tests to evaluate it's value if you're converting lots of files.

Select whether you want to “Enable Unsharp Masking”. You can also crop the image by clicking on “Cropping…”. You can either draw a box around the image or enter the dimensions manually into the width and height boxes. Once you have filled in the form click “Download file”.

From the basket:


The same can be done from the basket. Put the images that you would like to download in the basket then click on ‘Batch Image Order’. Give the archive a name and choose the archive format. Choose whether you would like to include an XMP Export, which is an export of the metadata attached to the files displayed in a text file. You can include files that are non-images. For example, if you have an InDesign document, you can click “Yes” in the menu and it will include this document in the archive. You can choose whether to leave vector images unconverted and whether to include all pages. Convert the dimensions, file format, and colour space. Select whether to “Perform Unsharp Masking” and what to do with the clipping paths.

Once you are happy with the configuration you can click “Save This Configuration” so it is ready to use next time if necessary. Once you have completed the fields in the form you can click “Download” and it will place all the images in a zip file in your download folder.

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